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Children’s Programs’ Weekly Classes are developed for children and teenagers, from grade two through high school. Taught by experienced K-12 educators, our courses will help your child excel or catch-up in key academic subjects, including writing, math and engineering.

Classes are two-hours long and held Monday through Friday on the California State University, Fullerton main campus. Below you will find a preview of the classes that may be available next summer. You can view program dates and costs on our Fees & Schedule page.

Please note that grades and ages listed are suggestions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the class’ suitability for your child.


Early Writer’s Workshop

Ideal for: Grades 2-3 (7-9 years old)

This course helps your child develop confidence in their writing through contemporary techniques and organizational mapping. The course covers:

  • Writing processes, including graphic and map organization
  • Sentence and paragraph construction and structure
  • Story development, with a focus on expository- and narrative-writing elements.

Young Writer’s Workshop

Ideal for: Grades 4-5 (9-11 yrs old)

The advanced writing exercises in this class helps your child express themselves clearly in writing. The concepts covered include:

  • Sentence and paragraph structure, as well as short essay writing
  • Personal narrative and persuasive writing.

Middle School Writing Workshop

Ideal for: Grades 6-9 (11-15 yrs old)

This class prepares your child to write at a high school level by developing their writing process. The course covers:

  • Prewriting and brainstorming techniques
  • Drafting and editing
  • Writing in a variety of formats, including biographical and expository.
Math courses

Brush Up on Your Math Skills

Ideal for: Grades 4-5 (9-11 yrs old)

In this class, your child builds their confidence and strengthens their math skills. The concepts covered include:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and place values
  • Round numbers, decimals and fractions
  • General coordinates and bar graphs
  • Circle, perimeter, volume, area and measurements.

Pre-Algebra Basics

Ideal for: Grades 6-7 (11-13 yrs old)

This course introduces your child to pre-algebra basics to prepare them for math at the junior high school level. Students will:

  • Review elementary mathematics and principles
  • Learn signed numbers, and beginning rules for algebraic evaluations and equations.

Algebra I Problem Solving

Ideal for: Grades 7-8 (12-14 yr olds)

By providing a foundation in problem solving strategies, this class prepares your child for Algebra I. The course covers:

  • Variables and algebra equations, and using formulas to solve equations
  • Real numbers, integers and consecutive integer problems
  • Evaluating expressions, and solving equalities and inequalities.

Introduction to High School Geometry

Ideal for: Grades 8-11 (13-16 yr olds)

This course introduces your child to high school level geometry. Concepts covered include:

  • Geometric definitions, constructions, congruence and measurements
  • Inductive and deductive reasoning
  • Construction of proofs using definitions, postulates and theorems focusing on triangle congruence relationships.

Algebra II

Ideal for: Grades 8-12 (14-18 yr olds)

Designed for students who have completed Algebra I, or have a solid knowledge base to build upon, this class introduces your child to Algebra II. Students will:

  • Review Algebra I concepts
  • Learn advanced polynomials, rational equations and negative exponents.
Engineering course


Ideal for: Grades 2-4 (7-10 yr olds)

Ideal for children who enjoy hands-on problem solving, this class helps your child understand complex engineering concepts. The course provides:

  • A foundation in coding, robotics and circuit building
  • Personalized and self-paced learning, with only six students per instructor
  • Building and programming of LEGO robotic models and working electrical circuits with Snap Circuits through team collaboration.

You can learn more about this class in a recent story from the Orange County RegisterOpens in new window .

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